Improvement of environmental conditions across Russian operations and globally

–75% target reduction of SO2 emissions in the Norilsk Industrial District by 2023
–50% target reduction of SO2 emissions in the settlement of Nickel by 2019

The integrated environmental programme expected to receive ca. USD 2.5 bn in investments by 2023 is one of the priority focus areas of Nornickel’s strategy. The programme is designed to decrease SO2 emissions by 75% in the Norilsk Industrial District and by 50% on the Kola Peninsula.

Владимир Потанин
We are launching the second stage of our environmental programme, the Sulphur Project, on a scale that is unprecedented not only in Russia but worldwide.”
Vladimir Potanin

Environmental programme 2.0


Cut emissions near the Norwegian border by 50%


Optimise the smelting shop capacity utilisation rates in the settlement of Nickel by separating the concentrate produced at Kola Concentrator


Cut sulphur dioxide emissions by 75% (against 2015) by 2023 leveraging the most effective technological solution

The programme includes two stages

Stage 1 was completed in 2016 as a reconfiguration programme and included upgrading concentration and metallurgical capacities and shutting down Nickel Plant, the oldest and least environmentally friendly site in the Norilsk region, to substantially reduce emissions in the residential area of Norilsk. At present, the Company is working to achieve Stage 2 goals.

Goals (Stage 2)

Copper plant
  • Reconstruct copper production chain, including the shutdown of environmentally harmful conversion operations
  • Expand and upgrade the existing sulphur production
Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant
  • Launch a new continuous copper matte converting facility
  • Implement a comprehensive SO2 capture solution including production of sulphuric acid and its subsequent neutralisation with natural limestone

More details on the Sulphur Project see in section.

Investing in pure metal

Providing the growing electric car industry with critically important metals

Ni, Cu, Co

More details see in section.

Providing catalyst producers with critically important metals

Pt, Pd

More details see in section.