Construction of a copper-nickel ore concentrate shipment facility

The new facility will enable the Company to split its copper-nickel concentrate into low-grade and high-grade.

No low-grade concentrate processing will lead to significant cuts in sulphur dioxide emissions in Nickel. By re-arranging shipments of low-grade concentrate from Kola MMC to a third-party processor, the Company will be able to decommission ore-thermal furnace No 3 in the smelting shop and cut the operating costs.

Dried high-grade concentrate unit with a capacity of 150 ktpa
2017 CAPEX of RUB 0.8 bn (ca. USD 14 mln)
Outstanding CAPEX of RUB 4 bn (ca. USD 71 mln)

Кольская ГМК
Project status
September 2017
  • Contract for engineering and equipment supplies signed with Outotec;
  • Check-ups and surveys completed, preparation for utility systems dismantling and relocation in progress.
Q4 2018

Constraction works of the project to be completed

Q2 2019

Output of key equipment