Nornickel strategy

The Company has embarked on a new investment cycle to secure its sustainable development and establish a platform for future growth. President’s priorities include implementing the second stage of the unprecedented environmental programme, completing the production reconfiguration project, developing the Company’s mining assets, reaching target performance levels for the Chita project, and delivering on the extensive infrastructure renewal programme, which, together with comprehensive efficiency improvement efforts, is helping to lay foundation for sustainable shareholder value growth.

President’s priorities

Владимир Потанин
The 2023 development programme is designed to renew all production capacities and, ultimately, make Nornickel one of the most advanced and environmentally responsible companies in the industry.”
Vladimir Potanin

  • Implementing environmental projects that lead to a many-fold decrease in SO2 emissions across the Company’s footprint
  • Working with the “green” industries, including by manufacturing catalysts and electric transport

2018–2020 key strategic investments

USD 1.4–1.6 bn

  • Consistently renewing the infrastructure and key production facilities
  • Upgrading and refurbishing the production assets (reconfiguration project)
  • Developing the Talnakh ores and maintaining a stable production level

2018–2020 key strategic investments

USD 4.4–4.8 bn

  • Comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency improvement programme
  • Introducing ERP / automated control systems
  • Introducing industrial automation systems

2018–2020 key strategic investments

USD 0.3–0.5 bn

Average annual investment // USD bn p.a.